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Class Schedule

3 Wheel BASIC Rider Course (3WBRC)

$99.00 $299.00

The 3 Wheel Basic Rider Course follows the proven curriculum of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation® (MSF) Basic RiderCourse tailored for beginning riders or those returning to the sport.

During the two day classroom & riding range training, you will learn the basics of motorcycle controls & operations; create & apply avoidance techniques and strategies; and develop skills for riding on the road- all while using our motorcycles.

The course concludes with a Skill Evaluation and a Knowledge Test

**What you are required to bring**

*A DOT approved helmet

*Protective eye wear

*A heavy long-sleeve shirt and/or jacket

*Jeans, chaps or leather pants

*Full-fingered gloves

*Over-the ankle, sturdy footwear (athletic or tennis shoes are NOT allowed)

use promo code RIDE3WHEEL for discount when registering

Click link to register:

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