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Mid South Motorcycle Training Academy

Class Schedule

Class Schedule



This one-day course is designed for riders who already have basic motorcycle riding skills. It is similar to the BRC, except speeds are higher and riders should be riding their own motorcycle (but you may rent one of ours). It is an excellent refresher course for practicing and renewing basic riding skills. There is an informal classroom segment that discusses safety concepts based on past riding experiences and current knowledge.

**What you are required to bring**

*A DOT approved helmet

*Protective eye wear

*A heavy long-sleeve shirt and/or jacket

*Jeans, chaps or leather pants

*Full-fingered gloves

*Over-the ankle, sturdy footwear (athletic or tennis shoes are NOT allowed)

*A street-legal motorcycle (or rent one of ours for $50)

*Proof of Insurance

*Written permission for use of the motorcycle if not owned by the student


Do you have a current Motorcycle Endorsement (M) on your license? Student's Legal First Name, Student's Legal Last Name, Drivers License Number, Drivers License Expiration, Drivers License State, Date Of Birth, Name & Phone number of person who referred you

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